IT Services

IT Services

Certified experts in on-site and remote computer repair services.

Computer Pickup – Will come to your house to remove system and then return to reinstall system when service is complete for a small fee.

Mileage charges are applicable and will be applied in 10 mile (one way) increments from our location in the center of Stamford. First 10 miles (one way) are free after that it is $10 per each additional 10 miles.

  • Virus/Malware Removal

    Troubleshoot single computer. Remove any virus, malware, spyware, rootkits and other unwanted programs. Optimize system and install all updates. Provide estimate for upgrades that will improve performance.

  • Computer Optimization

    On one computer install all updates, patches, and drivers. Check security software to make sure it is running efficiently. Optimize system by removing unwanted programs and run optimization programs on system.

  • Computer Setup

    Setup one Computer including monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, one peripheral, setup networking/internet access, configure one email account and organize wires.

  • Business Networking/Application Support

    Professional services for the administration of a business network and support of business applications. These services are charged hourly unless a project is quoted.

  • Technology Consultation

    Review your current technology and desired features. Develop a solution with options that will meet your current and future needs. Cost of consultation will be applied towards future work.

  • Wireless Networking

    Setup a wireless router, cable/dsl modem to service provider. Connect 3 devices to the network and setup security on the devices and setup sharing based upon user needs.

  • Add Wireless Network Device

    Add additional device to a wireless network.

  • Email Setup

    Configure email on one device, either a computer or mobile device. Update email client if necessary.

  • Install Hardware Device

    Install external peripheral or internal device or expansion card. Configure device, install drivers and software as needed.

  • Printer Install or Troubleshoot

    Configure a new printer and install drivers on computer as needed. Or troubleshoot an existing printer/setup and make operational.

  • Application Installation

    After determining compatibility with software, install on one machine and configure system to use software. Install menu and desktop icons as necessary and perform updates if available.

  • Security Tuning

    Evaluate current security software and update system to optimize security and performance. Remove unused applications and perform system updates as needed and verify system operations.

  • Data Backup Service

    Transfer data from computer to external media device and setup external data backup service. Backup service will need to be purchased separately.

  • Training

    1 hour individual training based upon the approved training classes offered by Incision Network. Current selection of training available from our website

  • Home Theater/Automation Consultation

    Review your current technology and desired features. Develop solution with options for current and future needs, based on the latest available technology. Give estimated range for the cost of work and equipment. Cost of consultation will be deducted from work.

  • Home Theater/Automation Installation

    Will charge hourly per installer this will include professional installation of the hardware and professional cable management system. Billing will be for time and material.

  • Home Video Conversion

    One 8mm tape, 16mm tape, Hi-8, Beta tape, VHS tape, Mini-DV or Mini DVD to one DVD. Professional Video Editing Services Available.