Web Hosting

Your website will be hosted by a reputable and reliable company. Us.

Why do we host websites? Support and security. Our clients want to know that their websites are safe and if they have any issues, someone at Incision Network is there to help. That kind of service doesn’t come with a mega-host or a reseller account.

How our web hosting service works:

Once your final design is approved and your website is ready to go live, we will move your site from our development servers onto our hosting servers. After that, the website can be accessed online.

What do you need to know about our hosting service?

  • We host WordPress websites, Joomla websites, Drupal websites as well as our own proprietary content editing system.
  • We’ve been hosting websites for 15 years.
  • We backup data nightly.
  • We retain 30+ days of backups.
  • We backup data offsite weekly.

Here’s more information for you “techie-types”

  • We maintain several service clusters each containing multiple nodes: web, database, and load balancing.
  • We co-locate our servers at a Tier 3 data center located just 3.5 miles away from our office. We have the option to manage remotely or on-site.
  • The facility is electronically monitored, secure, climate controlled, automated zoned fire suppression systems and alarms, F5 tornado rated, earthquake seismic, on-site diesel-powered backup generators.
  • Our server system has no “single point of failure.” If a crucial piece of hardware or software were to stop functioning properly, a redundant pair would take over its responsibilities immediately.
  • We can add and subtract servers from our hosting platform without taking down a single website or interrupting service. If a client website were to unexpectedly receive large amounts of traffic, we would be able to bring new servers online to meet the traffic demand.
  • Our servers create daily, versioned backups of all websites. These backups are transferred to an alternate secure data-housing facility to ensure that the data cannot be lost due to a geological disaster.
  • Our servers host only client websites. We do not share hosting with any non-clients.
  • Our network is also protected by a enterprise-grade smart firewall, and 24 hour monitoring for any service impairing events.
  • All web page requests are routed through a load balancer allowing only valid requests for data to be accessed and served. Traffic between the load balancer and the server housing your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. This level of encryption has been approved by the National Security Agency to protect government information from domestic and foreign terrorists.