Logo Design

Sure, we can make your logo bigger…

But is it memorable? Recognizable? What does it say about your organization? Does it support your brand? How will it look reduced down on a business card?

Shape. Color. Text. That’s how a logo is recognized.

Let’s illustrate the “Shape, Color, Text” concept with a well-known brand like Target. First you recognize the bullseye shape, then you recognize the red and then you read the word “Target”. Of course, with a well-known brand this all happens in a split-second. A well-executed logo is an investment in your company’s marketing. Is your logo design memorable and recognizable?

How our logo design process works:

You’ll meet with one of our graphic designers and visit about your company’s brand and vision. Then, we’ll get to work designing brands and logos that reflect our research. Our designer will deliver preliminary sketches, and then through our review, revision, and approval process, we’ll create a design that will be both memorable and recognizable.

What you should know about our logo design services:

  • If you are looking for a $99 logo design, we’re probably not meant to work together.
  • We do logo ‘tune-ups’ to existing logos.
  • Upon project completion, we deliver electronic copies of your logo and brand materials.

Our Work

Take a look through our logo portfolio. If you care enough not to use clip art, we’d like to learn more about your company. A unique brand will set your organization apart from your competition and create a unique brand that will serve your organization for years to come.