Incision Network’s 10th Business Anniversary

Published by on April 10, 2016

STAMFORD, Ct., April 10, 2016 — Incision Network, a provider of innovative consulting, creative marketing, and technical services that anticipate, identify, and creatively solve business challenges for their clients, is excited to have reached its 10-year anniversary. Incision Network is proud to celebrate a decade of learning and progress, and its commitment to the future of the company including improving and expanding their services and setting the tone for local small businesses to follow.

“We would like to thank our partners for the successes that Incision Network has achieved in the past 10 years,” said Louis Procaccini, Chief Executive Officer and President, Incision Network. “Our partners’ success is, and will continue to be, our success. This milestone is a testament to Incision Network’s commitment to continued innovation, and to the future of the company, our partners and the industry. Looking ahead, the future of Incision Network is limitless.”

Over the past 10 years, Incision Network has built a reputation as a local industry leader. In addition to surpassing 50 partnerships with distributers, manufactures, software and hardware vendors, local businesses and service providers, the company now represents a wide variety of services and products to it’s customer base. As further evidence of Incision Network’s growth, we can boldly state our year-over-year revenue has grown 600% since 2012.

As Incision Network paves the way to the future, it pledges to create mindsets and methodologies to uncover important, unsolved problems, while focusing, validating and refining innovation to meet partner and clients needs and expectations. In addition, Incision Network will continue to provide market-defining technology, products and services, one innovation at a time. With this celebration of 10 years, Incision Network is proud to announce our new office location at 276 Seaside Avenue., Stamford, Ct 06902.

To commemorate the 10 years of industry knowledge, partner and customer feedback and learning experiences that have gone into Incision Network, we will be hosting an event in November 2016. Stay tuned!

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